15 Oct 2015 Ferado

Video Marketing Increases Click Through Rates by 65%

By Rebecca Appleton

As the final quarter of 2015 gets underway, this infographic offers some food for thought on perhaps one of the most neglected areas of digital activity – video marketing.

Many brands, especially small businesses, are put off by the sheer amount of work and resources needed to create a video. There’s little denying that it is easier and quicker to write a blog post or pay a graphic designer to create an infographic than storyboard a video, develop the concept, hire the equipment, find someone to shoot and edit it then get it out there.

With increased mobile video viewing, it turns out video marketing is actually worth the effort;

• 52% of marketing professionals say video gets them the best ROI of any other form of content

• Simply using the word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%

• And increased click through rates by as much as 65%


2 Oct 2015 Ferado

“Why should I blog? Who reads blogs, anyway?”

We hear these questions fairly regularly from our clients. There seems to be a feeling that blogging was SOOOOO ten years ago, and that advanced social platforms have rendered it obsolete. That is simply not the case. In fact, blogging is more popular now than it was years ago. Perhaps that’s because more people are online than ten years ago. Perhaps it’s because the evolving and cutting edge blogging platforms — like Tumblr and WordPress — are exciting and fun. Or perhaps it’s because through the years, people have realized just how useful blogging is. In any case, here at Kaboom Web Works we always suggest our clients use blogs. Here are some of our many reasons.

• Share your passion. You do what you do because you love it. You’re passionate about it. And blogging is an excellent way to share that passion. Your passion will ignite your readers’ passions, and that’s all good for you.

• Share your knowledge. When you create a blog and write about something you know, you are positioning yourself as someone who is knowledgeable about your industry or topic. When you write consistent, solid blog posts that are interesting and accurate, you will quickly establish your validity as an expert. And who would you rather take advice and buy things from — an expert or just some guy?

• Attract different readers. Many blogging platforms — WordPress and Tumblr included — are actually a social network all their own. That means people go to WordPress or Tumblr just to be on WordPress or Tumblr and browse around. On these kinds of blogging platforms, you will get readers who otherwise might never have found you. And, if they like what you have to say, many of them will visit your website or convert in some other way!

• Create more content. All the content you create links back to you. You might say, “All roads lead to Rome.” Blogging is a great way to generate deep, interesting content. Even SEO optimized content. And all that lovely, juicy content is indexed and searched by things like Google. So, blogging becomes yet another way that you can make yourself easier to find. And that, in itself, is enough of a reason to blog!

17 Sep 2015 Ferado

Value of Online Videos

eMarketer reports that online video ads are one of the fastest-growing online ad formats. Research also shows it is one of the most effective.

Analysis shows that the performance of a variety of display ad formats served in the US during June, including in-stream video ads, and video player-ad interfaces, performed dramatically better than both standard banners and banners involving rich media, with or without video.

It appears people would just rather look and listen than read. Everyone promoting products and services online needs to pay attention to this trend. Kaboom Web Works believes it’s only going to grow bigger.